Mission Statement

We are seeking to build a loving community of people who BELIEVE, LIVE AND REPRESENT the truth of God and His Gospel to the world, by knowing God, becoming secure in their faith and reflecting the beauty and glory of Jesus to a lost world.

To help facilitate this vision and fulfill God's mandate we seek to be a church of IMPACT, affecting those around us with the light of Jesus.

The following are our values both individually and corporately.

  • Instruction in God's Word
  • Mobilizing for Ministry
  • Praying with Faith
  • Adoring Jesus with Passionate Worship
  • Caring for One Another
  • Telling Others the Good News

We believe the Holy Bible is inspired by God, completely true, and absolutely trustworthy. This is why solid, biblical preaching and teaching is such a priority at CNLC. We want all members to be growing in their love for Jesus Christ, and in the knowledge of God's Word, so they can exhibit outstanding faith in our awesome God, whatever the circumstances they find themselves in.

We are seeking to cultivate followers of Jesus, who apply the truths and hard-hitting message of the Gospel to their lives with life-changing consequences.

The message of Jesus Christ is a precious gift that we have to share with others - because God's Word commands it, and because we can't hide the joy we've received!

"His power at work in us can do far more than we dare ask or imagine."  Ephesians 3:21